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Classes postponed

March 11, 2022

Dear all, I’ve decided to stop teaching my regular classes for now. There are some changes ahead and I need some time to get ready for the future. The winter season is the perfect time to dream and plant seeds for the future, so that is what I’ll do.

Thank you all so much for your support and I will see you again on zoom or in person. And questions please ask. Love, Hannah

Timetable 2022

January 11, 2022
See you on Sunday

Transition to Autumn

October 10, 2021
Last late summer classes this week, we are slowly moving into autmn.


September 6, 2021

After a nice long summer break it is finally time to get going again and move together. See you soon! Love, Hannah

Summer Yin Class

July 25, 2021
Need some Yin in your life? Or wanting to know what to expect when joining a yin class with me? Here is a summer yin class for you to enjoy. Get as much support as you would like, I’d advice a bolster or rolled up blanket, maybe a small cushion and belt or strap. Working with the heart and small intestine meridian lines, we’re working the shoulders, arms, wrists and working with spine and hips. Any Questions feel free to send me a message. Love, Hannah


June 21, 2021
The season of fire is here, our fullest capacity time to be active and enjoy life to the fullest. Make sure to balance it out with some rest to avoid a burn out. Love, Hannah

Practice outside?!

June 11, 2021
Early summer Yin

Early summer season.

May 21, 2021
Early summer has begun this is a time for making appropriate connections, find joy in life, laugh and get moving. The time to work with our connective tissue. Love, Hannah