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Day 12 🌲 Thank you

January 5, 2021
Day 12, Autumn, time to open up and find calm within. What would you like to remember December by?
For those who have joined me over the last 12 days, it has been really special for me to go on this little journey with you all, thank you. Love, Hannah

Day 11 🌲

January 4, 2021
Autumn, time to let go and open the lungs. What are your favourite memories of November?

Day 10 🌲

January 3, 2021

Day 10, late summer time to come back to your center. What would you like to remember from October?

Day 9 🌲

January 2, 2021
Late summer, earth element time to look after your core and find your center. What are your nicest memories from September?
First of all Happy New year, wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Looking back what would you like to remember from August?

Day 7 🌲

December 31, 2020
Summer, time to be outside and enjoy life to the fullest. How would you like to remember July 2020?

Day 6 🌲

December 30, 2020

Early summer a time to connect, make connections with those around you and your self. Balance your time by resting and socialising. What can you remember from June?

Day 5 🌲

December 29, 2020

Day 5 Spring, a time for twists, inner thigh opening and side streches. Can you still remember nice things from May?

Day 4 🌲

December 28, 2020
Spring, what was it in April that you would like to remember it by? A nice walk, maybe a distance chat with a friend.

Day 3 🌲

December 27, 2020
Last bit of information on winter and space for the nice memories of March. What is it that you can say your very grateful for from that month last year?