This page is designed to help you find the resources I used on my (Yoga) journey that might be helpful on yours. A place to share books, articles links to my training background and other recourses that I found added to my life. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments when you feel something is missing. Most of the books on here will be on my shelf and I’m more than happy to lend them out to you if they are available and you’re in Aberdeen or near by.

Most of my training I have done with Seasonal Yoga. I have done my 100hrs foundation course in 2019, my 200hrs teacher training ’19-’20 and I am currently working on my 300hrs.

Free content from seasonal yoga for seniors, people with mobility issues and all those who are curious can be found here.

Free yoga nidra’s form many different teachers in the world can be found here. Many different languages and styles to suit your needs

Great application for guided meditations and inspirational conversations. Waking up by Sam Harris if you have financial issues it is possible to get it for free.

Simple but useful breathing application, to have a regular count on screen in numbers or as sound. The breathing app by Eddie Stern and Sergey Varichev for android & apple.

Looking for some guidance without religion? I’ve done some training with the 16 Guidlines and have found it very useful. They also have an application for android and apple.

Great application and website to find another way of working with the breath and find inner strength is the Wim Hof method. App for android and apple.

Another great application for guided meditations is Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience app. Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Chopra Center Meditation have developed an app on which you can buy and occasionally get free 21 day Meditations. Different themes and in collaboration various people, it is available on android and apple.