Hello and welcome,

I am Hannah and I teach Yoga according to the Seasonal Yoga methodology. In my classes we will focus on moving with the seasons, so you can stay balanced all year round.

I qualified as a 200hrs Seasonal Yoga teacher in July 2020 at Stirling Seasonal Yoga. My Yoga journey started in 2015.

After having moved to Aberdeen in 2014 from The Netherlands (where I’m from) I needed a space/activity that was “mine” something I just did for me. My lovely cousin had told me years before I should try Yoga, but I always felt that was for hippies and old people (how wrong was I…) so I didn’t. Cycling to work every day I came past the Yoga Spot, so on a rainy evening in may 2015 I decided to have a look. After talking with the owner I felt I had to give it a go, and went to the Monday evening power Vinyasa yoga. Nervous and uncomfortable I joined the class. There was this lovely lady next to me who said: We all have to start somewhere, this gave me great comfort. The rest of the class was hard work sliding on my mat and very sweaty. But it was the start.

Having practiced at the Yoga Spot I went to many classes: Astanga, Hatha, Restorative and my personal favourite Vinyasa flow. I’ve gone to multiple workshops (with Laura McCrimmon, Gretchen Suarez, James Boag, Scott Johnson, Claudia van Zuiden, Emma Ross) and have been taught by many other wonderful teachers.

I would advise beginners to explore and find a style(s) and teacher(s) that suits you, as I have greatly benefited from learning from different people.

In the last years I’ve practiced at Love Yoga, Foodstory and mainly with Laura McCrimmon and focused on a strong Vinyasa flow practice.

At the start of 2019 I did the Seasonal Yoga 100hrs Foundation course in Livingston with Claire Davidson and Rosie Lawson. This course made me realise how much there is to learn on Yoga but also how lovely it is to move with the seasons. After that, I knew I wanted to do the 200hrs, which I started in September 2019, Stirling with Julie Garrioch and Nikola Park. At the start not thinking I was going to teach, but by the end really loving it. After a year of hard work, great fun, lots of different teachers with their own abundance of information, and lovely fellow students, I graduated in July 2020.

To add to my (seasonal) nutritional knowledge, I completed the Be Lean and Eat Green course in September 2020 with Jane Jamieson and Karen Scobie, so that I can give nutritional advise.

In the first two months of 2021 I’ve completed and qualified for a 85hr Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher training course, with Claire Davidson and Caroline Carey. I’m excited to integrate this knowledge and start building loving communities for mums(to be).

I love to move through the seasons in my Yoga practice and classes. Continuously learning more, gaining new skills and sharing this knowledge with my students is what really inspires me to teach. To have a flowing practice, learn and teach about what each season or day can bring. To work with the Chinese traditional medicine, anatomy, food, breath work and so much more.


Hannah Brown-Olsthoorn