A little more information about the classes and what to expect.

In all classes I work with the changing seasons of nature, the Chinese meridian system and the elements. For example; I will work with fire in summer and water in winter. But when I see/hear that people are knackered and over heated in the summer I will work with water rather than fire to cool and calm down.

Seasonal Flow Class 18:30-19:30 GMT (find links to the class here)

A dynamic flowing class; a mix of Asana(yoga postures), Pranayama(breathwork), Chi kung and Meditation. For the majority of the class we will be moving and getting our cardiovascular system working. All levels welcome no prior experience needed (please do tell me if you are newer to the practice, less than 5 previous classes. Then I can give you some extra explanations and hopefully make it a nicer experience).

Seasonal Flow and Yoga nidra First sunday of the season only 18:30-19:30 GMT (find links to the class here)

In this class we will start with a seasonal flow class and mostly some pranayama(breathwork) this tends to take up the first 40 minutes, give or take. Then to close the practice we finish with Yoga Nidra; meaning yogic sleep. This is a practice done lying down and promotes full body relaxation. I will be reading out a script that takes you trough the different stages of relaxation. It is said 30 min of yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep, after this practice you should feel relaxed and restored. A lovely way to get moving but a little less intense because it has a with a much longer relaxation 🙂

Seasonal Yin Class First Sunday of the month only 18:30-19:30 GMT (find links to the class here)

Static postures held for longer periods of time with the right support, 2-4 minuets usually. Get lots of props to support you in this practice, blankets, blocks(thick books), pillows and cushions. Holding for a longer period of time helps to get into our deep tissues and allows deeper release. In this class we will also be working with different Pranayama(breathwork) and meditation techniques. All levels welcome, no experience needed. In this class our focus in more on certain muscle groups than the posture it self so expect to see everyone in the shape that helps them get to the muscles we’re working on rather than all in the same posture.

In all my classes I will do my best to find options that work for each body. My classes are a body positive space! I believe that Yoga is for all, all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours. It can enrich the life of us all and I aim to help you with that. So in ALL my classes you are invited to use props, like the wall, chairs, blocks or whatever else you might need or like. Personally I love using a block to bring the floor towards me and allow me a bit more space. I also love using the wall or chair for some stability. But truly anything that supports your very individual practice is welcome, we are all different so what works for me might not for you. My request from you is to give me honest feedback, let me know if there are ways I can be more inclusive, if there are things you appreciate but also what you didn’t. This will help me to grow as a person and teacher. A tiny disclaimer: due to zoom I often can’t see your whole body and therefore it makes it a bit harder for me to notice if it isn’t working for you, please, please let me know and we’ll work something out.

Before joining the first class with me come and have a chat with me, this can be over text, instagam, facebook, zoom, in person or the website. Nothing big but we can see what you expect from the practice and where you may need support or what I need to know. And it allows you to get a impression of me and see if you would like to practice together. Love, Hannah

P.s. If there are only Dutch students in the class I will teach in Dutch, otherwise in English. If there would be an interest for a Dutch class or pregnancy class and you are/know a little group of people to join please feel free to contact me and I’ll see what we can arrange together