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🍁Hello, Autumn is well and truly here. Gray and wett 🌧️but at the same time beautiful bright vibrant colours of the autmn leaves.🍂🌞 Time to slow down and let go of what we no longer need. To prioritize self-care so we can give to others from a full cup and enjoy life together. For all who have an account here is a lovely autumn Yoga Nidra for you to enjoy when you need a moment of rest. 🌜🍁Much love, Hannah

Feedback 🍂

October 23, 2021

Dear all,

please find the above link to fill in the feedback form.

Feedback form,

please fill in. ☺️

It’s been over a year since I sent out my last feedback form. The year had been full of changes and challenges, ups and downs. I feel very different about teaching now then I did then. I’ve learned so much and have become more aware of how little I know. So much left to learn! I believe my classes have changed in style, the way I teach and what I teach. I would love to hear your side of our shared experiences so I can keep growing and learning.

Much love, Hannah

Transition to Autumn

October 10, 2021
Last late summer classes this week, we are slowly moving into autmn.