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Day 7 🌲

December 31, 2020
Summer, time to be outside and enjoy life to the fullest. How would you like to remember July 2020?

Day 6 🌲

December 30, 2020

Early summer a time to connect, make connections with those around you and your self. Balance your time by resting and socialising. What can you remember from June?

Day 5 🌲

December 29, 2020

Day 5 Spring, a time for twists, inner thigh opening and side streches. Can you still remember nice things from May?

Day 4 🌲

December 28, 2020
Spring, what was it in April that you would like to remember it by? A nice walk, maybe a distance chat with a friend.

Day 3 🌲

December 27, 2020
Last bit of information on winter and space for the nice memories of March. What is it that you can say your very grateful for from that month last year?

Day 2 🌲

December 26, 2020

More information on winter and space to reflect on February.

Day 1 Merry Christmas 🌲

December 25, 2020
Some seasonal info and some space to reflect on last January.

12 Days of Christmas

December 22, 2020
I believe I can speak for most people when I say the Christmas days are going to look a lot different than we thought or hoped. So to cultivate some joy, reflect on the last year, move together though the seasons and the last 12 months. Join me during the 12 days of Christmas to start the new year with gratitude for all that we have. Starting the 25th of December finishing the 5th of January. 9:30-10 am (uk) morning flow. 5-5:30 pm (uk) meditation or yoga nidra. If you like to join sent me a email to You’re welcome to join for as many or as few times as you like.
Love, Hannah

Wednesday the 23rd of December will be the last regular class for this year. The regular classes will start again on Friday the 8th of January 2021. Do you want some yoga for the time in between? Join me for the 12 days of Christmas. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

Winter Flow

December 16, 2020

30 min gentle Winter flow, lovely to start or end the day with.